Special Education:  

In India, special education / special needs term confuses people.  There are 27 million people with special needs in a population of 1.2 billion.  It means, about 2.2% of our population has special needs.   Many cases are left unreported and / un-diagnosed.


Let's understand what special needs / education means.  To make it simpler and precise, it is some educational requirements resulting from Learning / Physical / Emotional /  Behavioural Difficulties and / or Disabilities.

- Physical difficulties — These can affect a child’s physical functioning, mobility or stamina.


- Mental difficulties — Most commonly learning difficulties, in which a person cannot learn in the usual manner or as per

  the age / standards.

- Emotional and behavioral difficulties — These are related with socialization. May not be caused by biological factors.

  These may be internalized, so the child may not interact well with others or have low self esteem. They might also be 

  externalized, so the child may act disruptive in the classroom.