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Feel Better Now - Online Therapy 

Psychologist Session


For Mood  & Anxiety


Playing with Mobile Phone


For Stress, Lifestyle, Confidence, Addictions

Holding Hands


For Relationship

Problems / Couple 

Are you feeling Low....... Hopless.............Confronted with Situations, Embarassed or Ashamed.....


If you are looking for any such help, then you have found the right place where you can find safe environment with professional help and overcome from the stuckup state of mind.


Online Counselling is one of the virtual platform provided to the individuals who seek professional help.  It is our privilege and responsibility to maintain your confidential details strictly with us, whether online or in-person.  Your confidentiality is the utmost priority for us. Without your permission, the details will not be shared with anyone and you can also remain as anonymous, in case you feel more comfortable. 


Process of Online Counselling:

  • Filling the Counselling Form  [Online Counseling Form]

  • Send Request for Counselling  (Email :

  • We will get back to you within 2 working days.

  • Feel free to talk with your Psychologist, before you begin counseling.


Why Online Counselling:

  • Flexible 

  • Professional Help to Overcome the Situation

  • Continual Support

  • Confidentiality

  • Using innovative methods, models and tools

  • Minimal cost and Result Oriented


Issues you may need Online Counselling:

  • Personal

  • Professional

  • Family Issues

  • Marital Relationships

  • Parenting

  • Adolescent-Child Issues

  • Mental Disorders 


Psychotherapy, Teen & Couple Counseling

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