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Are you persistently depressed? Learn the ways to Overcome Depression..

Depression is an internalizing disorder in young people and it is a source of intense misery and distress to those affected. By its nature, depression is often a silent disorder that generally affects few persons other than the depressed youngster. Because of

its internalizing nature, we may view depression as an insidious psychological disturbance in young people. Thus, for some youngsters depression may be inconspicuous yet have deleterious effects on the individual.

Symptoms that may be observed are:

- Persistent feeling of sadness or loss of interest

- Changes in appetite, energy level

- Poor concentration

- Change in daily behaviour or self-esteem

- Sleep disturbance

- Depends on the severity, thoughts of suicide

- Other symptoms like being anxious, apathy, guilt, hopelessness, discontent, loss of

pleasure in activities, mood swings, agitation, crying spells, irritability, restlessness,

or social isolation and so on...

Take the expert support and learn to overcome depression.



You are not alone ...

And your Life is worth a lot ..


Sailaja Pisapati, Clinical Psychologist

Mobile # 9550950732,

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