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Early Language Exposure

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

Most of the parents eagerly wait for their baby to say a few words such as calling them mama, papa and etc. This usually we see in the children between nine (9) months and a year. By the time, the child reaches two (2) years, he or she should be using simple phrases and at the age of 3 years, the child should start speaking full sentences. Grammatical mistakes even though we observe at the age of four, the child must be able to speak sentences. This means the child should have acquired basic language by the age of 5 years.

Home Based Training for Parents

Language acquisition takes place in 6 stages:

- Prelinguistic (1st year of life)

- Holophrase or one word (between the age of 10 and 13 months)

- Two-word sentence (18 months)

- Multiple-word sentences

- Complex grammatical structures

- Adult-like language

Therapy session


Let’s understand this, the more toddlers exposed to the complex and rich conversation, the better cognitive and language skills they develop in later childhood.

If your child has not developed the speech or other milestones (i.e. gross motor, fine motor, etc.,) age-appropriately, consult a Clinical Psychologist and go for the detailed evaluation in each domain.

Our Center for Special Children (SPMHC) has an expert team who can help you, call 9550950732 / 040-48510690; Our clinic is located in Habsiguda, Secunderabad-Hyderabad.

We also have other services such as Child Psychologist, Rehab Psychologist, Physiotherapy, OT, Sensory, Behaviour Therapy and Special Education Services.

SPMHC worked with the children of Cerebral Palasy | Down Syndrome | Developmental Delays | Autism Spectrum Disorders | ADHD | Learning Disabilities | Other Neuro-Developmental Disorders.

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