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Identify 4 Signs of a Toxic Relationship:

It's heart-breaking to come out of a toxic relationship and sometimes it takes a long time for an individual to take a small step, as it makes them powerless and remains to be in that stuck-up state suffering.

It’s easy to feel powerless. So if you or you have a friend in a dangerous marriage or other abusive situation, what can you do?

**Ask the right people for the right kind of help

**How else can you help?

1. Start by listening

2. Focus on them and their story, not your own.
3. Listen with grace and avoid making judgments.
4. Check with them if they feel you are understanding correctly.
5. Silence is fine.
6. Listen to their feelings as well as their situation.

2. Believe them

3. Refer to an expert

Hope this article may find helpful for you.

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