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Spell-Reading - (Learning Difficulties in Children)

Children with Learning Disabilities usually find challenging to read, copy, write and that includes spellings. Some of the children also have issues with Mathematics and etc. But as of now, we look and learn how to make the student good in spell-reading.

What’s the purpose of Spell-Reading are:

- To train the child in left to right eye movement

- To enable the child to recognize letter groups as words.

Time-limited to a maximum of 15 minutes. In the given activity and at this point, understanding what the student reads is of no concern. Your goal is only to get the student to recognize the letters in a word and then to repeat the word after you. Remember this is not a phonetic process, as its a letter and word recognition.

If the student had previous instructions or habit in sounding out words and attempts to do this, simply say “ you don’t need to sound out the word. Only say the name of the letters one at a time.


Just as a computer must receive data in a proper sequence, the brain of dyslexic needs the data in the order it was meant to be read. The proper sequence for reading in most languages is from left to right. Of course, this procedure also can be adapted for learning to scan the lines of a second language that is arranged from right to left, or from top to bottom.

Dyslexic students commonly have two reading habits that limit their ability:

1) Trying to go too fast

2) Working too hard by concentrating heavily on the reading material.

These can be eliminated by Spell-Reading. Before starting the session, tell the student, “I want you to go slow and easy. Being sure of what you're reading is more important than going fast. Going slow and easy will make this easy for you”.

Whenever a student makes an error or shows signs of concentration, have him check orientation. Just say, “Check your point”.

If you are looking for support for your child, contact us:

Sailaja Pisapati Mental Health Center

Habsiguda, Hyderabad

040 – 48510690 / 9550950732

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