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Many questions, we usually get on this.... like

- Why do people put thumb in mouth?

- Is it a form of anxiety?

- Is Thumbsucking an addiction?

- what could be psychological causes/

- What problems does thumb sucking cause?

- why are we not get rid of it....and so on....

Thumb sucking is commonly seen in children. Research show that 70-90%

children show this behaviour in childhood. It is found that many babies suck their

thumbs in the mothers womb. Gradually children stop sucking their thumbs

when they reach 2-4 years of age. In some cases thumb sucking will continue in

teenage and in fewer cases they continue to suck their thumb in adulthood as


This habit falls under non- nutritive sucking habit. This comprises of soothing

behaviours which also includes pacifier and comfort blanket. As a reflex, babies

and children begin the habit of sucking the thumb, to make themselves feel

secure and safe. In few cases, for the similar reasons this behaviour may get

extended into adulthood. Some adults tend to continue this habit in the response

of any stress and anxiety which they are facing.

Thumb sucking can also be a response of trauma. Mental and physical response

to some events which are deeply distressing or disturbing experience to a person

is known as psychological trauma . Bullying, abuse and car accidents are the few

common examples which can lead to trauma.

If the thumb sucking is due to trauma, then that person will show few other signs

of trauma such as; feeling alert, unable to sleep, panic, shame, guilt and also

flashbacks of traumatic experience. Thumb sucking for long period can develop

few health conditions like; blisters, hyperkeratosis, and dental problems.

Addressing the reasons behind thumb sucking might help a person to stop.

Approach a clinical expert and psychologist for more help

Thank you



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