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Why Am I So Angry? Tips to Overcome

Anger is a natural emotion. Anger triggers include various personal, professional, academic, and other socio-economic factors. Sometimes missing a promotion at work or any relationship difficulties or failure in exams or any other problem caused by another person such as canceling plans. In the video, you will learn parenting tips for kids and causes of anger as 3 stages that impact on individuals. Our thoughts influence emotions and/or behavior and vice-versa. Parenting styles and motivation from them will help to overcome and manage anger in a healthy way. Sometimes psychological disorders like anxiety, OCD, depression, and other health-related conditions also trigger anger. Tips to overcome: - Think before you speak - Calm, Express why you're anger - Do some physical exercise - Take Personal Time - Identify alternative solutions - Practice Mindfulness - Don't hold a grudge - Use humor and be relaxed

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