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Why Mental Health is Just as Important as Physic: An Article by the Best Psychologists In Hyderabad.

Don't be ashamed of your story, it will inspire others. You don't have to struggle in silence. You can live well and believe me you are more precious to this world. You have power over your mind, realize this and you will find strength.....

If you are going through restlessness, confusion, indecisiveness, sleep disturbance, persistent sadness, and low mood - do not neglect. Your mental health is as important as physical health. As per the research, the % effect of mental health in the population is increasing each year as 46% of Teens, 13% of Children, and 19% of Adults. Mental health conditions and awareness are just the processes and we should know of dealing. If we evaluate the developments of the mental health field, still is slow-paced.

One should have knowledge of

- recognising psychological distress,

- beliefs and causes knowledge

- Self-help and Support group or family

- Right time of taking support of mental health expert

- Technology support in seeking the right information about mental health etc

The impact of stigma and approach is still a continuous working process............ Let's all join hands to extend help to whomever, looking for support, and for this, we need to know the cues and reg signals of mental health conditions.


Sailaja Pisapati

Mobile # 9550950732

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